Subliminal affirmation software is a computer program you use to create subliminal affirmations for your own use. You may come across two distinct forms of affirmations utilizing subliminal technology.The 1st is visual, where the application displays the message so rapidly that you simply don’t see it, even although your unconscious perceives it. In the second case, the software creates a sound file which is usually an mp3 file that you can put on your ipod and listen to it whenever you choose.

Subliminal Affirmation Software Generated Heart Chakra Guided Meditation

Heart Chakra Guided Meditation With Subliminal Affirmations (Photo credit: MitchellDahood)

The characteristic of subliminal affirmations in general is that it bypasses your conscious mind’s barriers, sending the message directly to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind simply takes these positive affirmations as a matter of fact and stores it along with everything else. The overall process is relatively the same for affirmations using subliminal messages, although there are some important aspects to consider if you want the best results.

We nonetheless have a great deal to discover on how the brain operates but we currently know that most of the processing occurs outside our awareness. Subliminal affirmation software taps into this practically limitless potential and feeds you with an abundant flow of positive statements. As the affirmations are repeated, your unconscious considers these as reality. This is the way our unconscious works; if the information keeps coming in and is the same, then it assumes it to be true.

While you can use subliminal affirmation software to create an unlimited amount of affirmations, you should be very careful how you do this. In the same way you take care to hydrate yourself, breathe fresh air and eat healthy foods, you need to be even more careful when it comes to talking directly to your unconscious. Are your affirmations positive statements? Are these truly what you want for yourself? Only you know what you really want and you need to take full responsibility once you get what you want.

Make sure you are true to yourself when you start making your own subliminal affirmations. You should deal with what goes into your mind the same way you deal with what goes into your body. It’s all about the ecology of one’s mind and you, at the end of the day, need to take on full responsibility. Your subliminal affirmation software needs to have the flexibility to choose your personal affirmations. You also should look at features including update frequency for visual affirmations or various options to encode audio, if you’re working with the software to create subliminal affirmation mp3s.

In the meantime, be your best,

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