Keeping your motivation high

One of the common issues when we’re working on our personal development plan is to keep ourselves motivated. While we’re working on defining our goals and building the plan, our motivation level is high. Then when we come to implementing the plan, reality kicks in and we start to hesitate. We are living in a period of instant gratification, everyone wants results now. This quick and easy approach to everything creates superficial judgment and we only add another negative item to our self talk list, lowering our self esteem. So how do we keep motivated and gets things done?

  • The first thing is to focus on the outcome and not on the tasks. The task is a list of actions to achieve what we want; by itself it does not motivate us but what we want does. Visualize how your life will be when you realize your goals; anchor the goal in front of you, like a heads up display for pilots. Keep your goals on screen, regardless of what else is going on. Imagine the good things people will be saying to you. Imagine how your body will feel when you get there. Associate positive thoughts and feelings to your goals and focus on the good vibes. This creates a lasting motivation
  • The second is to use positive affirmations constantly. Just like our body becomes what we feed our body, our mind becomes what we feed our mind. Pay attention to your self-talk, every time you say something positive to your self; you are building your self esteem. Remember, no one cares about you more than yourself, treat yourself well and you will be the first one to benefit. If you hear yourself saying something negative to yourself, stop! Weed out the limiting belief, plant an empowering belief and let it grow. Look forward to listening to your positive self talk; give yourself a compliment the first thing in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day.
  • Finally, take action each and every day. Consistency is crucial to building momentum. Practice is the key to perfection and you need to keep going at it. You’ll notice that as you continue to act towards you plan; your self confidence will grow. Celebrate your successes along the way, build on the positive energy and you’ll find that your self growth will accelerate beyond your expectations.

If you do the above consistently, not only will your be more motivated to realize your personal development plan, but your motivation will become contagious for those around you and you will become a role model for others to follow. Treat others as you would treat yourself, and treat yourself well.

Until next time, be your best.


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