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I am Keir Kei and I enjoy reading a lot. I’m usually picky when selecting books and usually do my research before the purchase. My exception to this rule is when I get stranded in airports. It is an unexpected event and I refrain from joining the bandwagon of other complaining passengers; I head off to the bookstore and buy a book completely off my wish list. That’s how many years ago I picked up a book on NLP. I was fascinated, I read it like it was fiction and didn’t believe most of it. However, I got the bug somehow, and asked my self the question “How much are you investing in yourself for your personal development?”

Afterwards my attention shifted towards self improvement. I discovered many techniques, met lots of interesting people and tried out all sorts of things. I will share my experiences with you so you know what worked for me and what did not. Each one of us is unique; one size does not fit all. I am sceptical by nature and discard magic pill promises. Both my parents are scientists so I learned early on to ask questions and look at results before preaching theory.

My journey is ongoing. Everyday I seek to improve myself; I combine different techniques and, why not, invent some of my own. Believe in yourself and (almost) anything is possible.

Let me know your challenges and success stories, what works for you and what didn’t. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from you as well.

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