5 things you thought you knew about your eyes but aren’t true!

We pretty much use our eyes every single second of the day, that is of course unless we are sleeping, so I think most people would agree they are pretty important to us! Our eyes start taking in information from the minute we are born and during the first 2 -3 years they learn to recognise every conceivable shape, colour and shade. It is advised that we have our eyes tested every 2 years and this is regardless of whether we feel our vision has changed or not. Even people who have had laser eye surgery should still get regular checkups to ensure their eyes are healthy. We only get one pair of eyes and we should look after them. As an Optometrist I regularly get asked certain things about the eyes and it surprises me just how much bad information there is out there. During this post I am going to list my top 5 things that people get wrong about their eye’s so here goes!