Do affirmations for self improvement really work?

Talking to Yourself with Affirmations

Affirmations are phrases you tell yourself or other people. An example of an affirmation, one that Tony Robbins loves by the way, is

Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.Tony Robbins

This may sound picturesque and old fashioned, which is hardly surprising, as it comes from Dr.Émile Coué. He directed a clinic in France in the beginning of the 20th century. His main technique to treat thousands of patients was to repeat this affirmation 20 times, twice a day. Although he claims he never actually cured anyone, and they cured themselves, these cures certainly did happen. You can get his SELF MASTERY through conscious autosuggestion (Illustrated) to read on your Kindle.

Affirmations can be either positive or negative. If you say to yourself “This always happens to me” when something goes wrong, then you are making a negative affirmation. Well designed affirmations can be a perfect way to substitute negative thoughts and feelings with empowering self beliefs and character traits. You can find many examples online if you do a search on popular article directories.

The majority of self improvement experts and scientists working on the human brain are convinced that there is solid scientific evidence that affirmations, and our belief system, in fact create our reality, and influence and form what we experience in our lives.

A rather basic explanation is that there are forces within the universe that we all interact with, even if we are aware of it. Say you are a positive person who always the best outcome in any situation, the power of the universe will work for you, and often inexplicably you make it happen. Thinking about your desires and goals regularly, and confidently expecting them to materialize, you are directing forces in motion taking you towards these goals.

Well Known Literature on Affirmations

The Science of Getting Rich
The Science of Getting Rich

None of this is actually new. Wallace D. Wattles, in his book The Science of Getting Rich, expands on the notions of “Original Substance”, “Thinking Substance” and even “Formless Stuff”. He claims that all the things in the universe originate from them. He takes it even further saying that our mental focus on ‘Original Substance’ can cause what we think about to be created. We often under estimate the power of our thoughts; our thoughts shape our universe and we should take care to think wisely. Affirmations are one of the most powerful means to shape our thoughts.

Think And Grow Rich
Think And Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill, on the other hand, referred to “Infinite Intelligence” to illustrate these inexplicable forces. Actually, the main theme of Think and Grow Rich is that we become what we think about most. He interviewed the most successful people of his time, and came to the conclusion that our firmly held thoughts and beliefs interconnect with greater forces which lead us to create our future.

Using affirmations we nurture our minds with positive thoughts wiping out negative and destructive thoughts and feelings. Once our subconscious mind accepts what we’re saying it as fact, and this requires repetition, then it connects with the universe to create the reality we feed it.

Do affirmations really work? I really doubt if there is any person dealing with personal development would dispute, that we attract, gravitate towards, and become what we think about most. Change what you think and say to yourself, and you can change what you believe. Change what you believe then almost certainly you change your actions, which in turn will change your results. It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

Choose your affirmations wisely.

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