Read this before you use subliminal affirmation software

Subliminal Affirmation Software

Subliminal affirmation software is what we refer to as computer programs that create either a visual or audio representation of your affirmations. The audio and visual cover two of the three primary channels of perception. For the moment, I am unaware of any software that can create a kinesthethic affirmation.

Subliminal stimuli

Subliminal Visuals

The visual affirmations are displayed using a screen saver like tool; the only difference is that you don’t see the messages flashing on the screen because it happens too fast for your conscious mind to react to it. Your unconscious, on the other hand, has no problem whatsoever with the speed and takes it in just like anything else it is registering at the time.

Subliminal Audio

When your subliminal affirmation software is creating audio, the situation is different. In this case, affirmations using subliminal audio messages are usually sound files that have the affirmations registered in a special way. The positive affirmations are coded in such a way that when you listen to the audio, you can not recognize them. However, your powerful unconscious mind is able to process the information and stores it.

Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

The characteristic of subliminal affirmations in general is that it bypasses your conscious mind’s barriers, sending the message directly to your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind simply takes these positive affirmations as a matter of fact and stores it along with everything else. The overall process is relatively the same for affirmations using subliminal messages, although there are some important aspects to consider if you want the best results.

We probably know more about the conscious mind than about the unconscious mind; yet we need to understand some of the important differences of the unconscious mind in order to make our subliminal affirmations more effective. The unconscious basically remembers everything since you came into existence. Another interesting property is that it does not process the negative. A well known demonstration of this is when I ask you to NOT think about a pink elephant, you first think of it before your conscious mind comes to the rescue and tells you to cancel the thought. Fascinating as these are, probably the most important attribute of your unconscious mind is how it relates to reality. As far as your unconscious is concerned any and all information it possesses is correct, and therefore, real.

Creating Your Affirmations

You should be careful when you choose your positive affirmations. Let’s be clear here: We’re stepping under our conscious mind’s radar and planting seeds in our unawareness zone. Whatever you put there will be considered to be true. So don’t start a self talk with yourself saying things that are untrue to who you really are. Your conscious mind will detect it as a core value violation and will ignore it. You won’t benefit from your investment if you’re not careful.

When creating your own positive affirmations, make sure you are choosing statements that are honestly what you really want for yourself. You ought to treat what goes into your mind the same way you deal with what goes into your body. It’s all about the ecology of the mind, and you, at the end of the day, have to take on full responsibility. Your subliminal affirmation software needs to have the flexibility to decide on your own personal affirmations. You also should look at features for example update frequency for visual affirmations or options to encode audio, if you’re using the computer program to generate subliminal affirmation mp3s.

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3 Replies to “Read this before you use subliminal affirmation software”

  1. I think anyone can turn their lives around by using subliminal affirmations. If we can bypass the over analytical mind and get these positive affirmations directly into the subconscious then we can change the way we interact with the world.
    John recently posted..Are You A Pessimist Or Optimist?My Profile

    1. Thanks for your comment John,

      I agree that subliminal affirmations are powerful. The trick with the bypass is crucial. The analytical mind is there for a purpose, it asks questions and seeks answers. So the subliminal affirmations should, given enough rehearsal, provide the positive answers. In that state of alignment wonderful things start to happen

  2. Thanks for information …I am seeking a functional program or software to make my own subliminal recordings – any suggestions recommendations appreciated, i am very basic in regard technology so seeking something simple to operate Thanks

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