Subliminal Affirmation Software – Your Tool in Making Your Own Subliminal Messages

How to make subliminal affirmation software work for you

These days you can use subliminal affirmation software to create your own self talk. You will come across two distinct kinds of affirmations using subliminal technology. The first is visual, where the software displays the message so quickly that you just don’t see it, even though your unconscious perceives it. In the second case, the software creates a sound file which is usually an mp3 file that you can put on your iPod and listen to it whenever you choose.

Technology is coming to help us in many different ways. Subliminal affirmation software is a great example of how technology is used for self help. Using this specialized software, you can take positive affirmations and digest them through subliminal technology, delivered to you either visually or in audio. The best part is that while you can use your conscious mind to choose an create the positive affirmations, you leave it to the software to deliver the messages to your unconscious.

We probably know more about the conscious mind than about the unconscious mind; yet we need to understand some of the important differences of the unconscious mind in order to make our subliminal affirmations more effective. Our unconscious is like memory with infinite capacity, recording everything that has ever happened to us.

English: Unconscious Motivation to Consider for Subliminal Affirmation Software
English: Unconscious Motivation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another characteristic is that our unconscious processes only positive statements and simply ignores the negative.One good example to illustrate is the following: if I ask you NOT to think about a cute pink rabbit, you unwillingly think about one, even though your conscious mind perfectly understands the instruction. Fascinating as these are, essentially the most important attribute of the unconscious mind is how it relates to reality. As far as your unconscious is concerned any and all information it possesses is true, and therefore, real.

You should be careful when you choose your positive affirmations. Let’s be clear here: We’re stepping under our conscious mind’s radar and planting seeds in our unawareness zone. Whatever you put there will be considered to be true. So don’t start a self talk with yourself saying things that are untrue to who you really are. Your conscious mind will detect it as a core value violation and will ignore it. You won’t benefit from your investment if you’re not careful.

When creating your own positive affirmations, make sure you are choosing statements that are honestly what you truly want for yourself. You really should deal with what goes into your mind the same way you treat what goes into your body. It’s all about the ecology of one’s mind and you, at the end of the day, need to take full responsibility. Your subliminal affirmation software needs to have the flexibility to choose your own private affirmations. You also need to look at features including update frequency for visual affirmations or various options to encode audio, if you’re working with the software to develop subliminal affirmation mp3s.

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