Using Subliminal Affirmations for Self Help

Subtle Self Help Using Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal affirmations are effective techniques that you should be considering as a part of your personal development plan. The caliber of your thoughts and feelings acts like a guide that the universe uses to generate situations that you experience. Typically, positive thoughts and feelings will produce positive situations, while negative thoughts and feelings will manifest negative situations.

Compassion is Consciousness...

Using affirmations to reinforce beliefs has been around for a long time. In the early days, affirmations were basically a repetition of positive words you would say to yourself. There are lots of examples of this in movies where you see the hero reciting in front of a mirror, just before the decisive event. Recently we’ve discovered that delivering these affirmations in subliminal messages actually works just as well, if not better, than the original way.

Positive affirmations are essentially phrases you repeat to yourself to affirm something to be real. Subliminal affirmations are similar to positive affirmations. The fundamental difference is that for positive affirmations, you are conscious of what you really are saying to yourself. Subliminal affirmations, on the other hand, bypass your conscious mind so you are not aware of it at the conscious level. Your brain, nonetheless, is able to process this information. Your conscious mind will not hear them because they are registered at a subliminal level, but you can be sure that your powerful subconscious mind is picking up every single one of the suggestions.

Subliminal affirmations fed into your subconscious mind tell the negative thinking to hold off and let it work on the new information it’s getting. Therefore, your conscious and subconscious mind will both be processing the new positive thoughts at the exact same time. For lasting change to occur, a new belief must take root in your mind where your conscious and subconscious are in harmony.

Affirmations using subliminal messages are becoming more popular nowadays as we discover how powerful they are in changing our lives. In fact all areas in your life can use the power of subliminal affirmations. Some of the more popular ones are weight loss, stopping smoking, and building up your self esteem, just to mention a few. Listening to subliminal affirmation mp3’s on a regular basis are proving to become an effective, convenient, cheap and pleasant way people produce outstanding personal change in their lives.

If you believe in the power of thinking positively, subliminal affirmations is certainly something you should go for. You have nothing to lose except maybe some limiting beliefs.

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