Personal development – what’s holding you back?

Belief. (Photo credit: Sebastian Mary)

The starting point in personal development is you. Simple as it may sound, the only thing holding you back is you. Take a look at your beliefs; are they empowering you, or are they limiting you?

We develop our beliefs through experience in life and develop an inner talk that reenforces these beliefs. We can change our beliefs; one of the ways to use improve your internal dialogue with positive self talk. Take a look at the flood of  positive affirmation quotes enticing you develop your positive beliefs used in in twitter for example.

Do you know what’s holding you back? Here’s an easy exercise to find out your limiting beliefs. First, write down things you want, these can be in the form of “I want to be …”, “I want to have…” or “I want to do…” where do can be any verb you desire. Use each form at least once; you’ll want to have several of these. Leave hefty space between them. Come on! Write them down first before you read any further.

OK, so are you with me with your notes? Good. Now read each one to yourself, and when you come to the end of the sentence say “but” and write down the first thing that pops into your mind. It doesn’t have to be something logical or a good reason, forget the qualifiers for excuses; nobody is looking over your shoulder.

If you did this properly, you should have something like this:


“I want to be rich”, or

“I want to loose weight”

and, it becomes:

“I want to be rich but I don’t know how to make money

“I want to loose weight but I can’t control my urge to stuff myself with food

So we’ve fished out the limiting beliefs:

  • I don’t know how to make money
  • I can’t control my urge to stuff myself with food

Most of the time, you’ll come up beliefs that are just beating on you. Stop it! Take control! Only you decide what your thoughts and beliefs are. Take these beliefs and change them into empowering beliefs. Believe in yourself, the more you do, the less you’ll have limiting chit chat in your head. The first step in personal development is finding out what’s holding you back. Then we’ll talk about how to change these negative beliefs with empowering ones in another post.

Until then, take care and be your best,



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