Three easy motivation tips

Keeping your motivation high

One of the common issues when we’re working on our personal development plan is to keep ourselves motivated. While we’re working on defining our goals and building the plan, our motivation level is high. Then when we come to implementing the plan, reality kicks in and we start to hesitate. We are living in a period of instant gratification, everyone wants results now. This quick and easy approach to everything creates superficial judgment and we only add another negative item to our self talk list, lowering our self esteem. So how do we keep motivated and gets things done?

Motivation and Commitment for Self Improvement


I’ve always wondered what motivates people. One of the typical metaphors we use is “the carrot and the stick”. The carrot is your reward for achieving your goal and the stick is the punishment if you fail. We all relate to this because it brings together the two major types of motivational behavior. Understanding the relationship between motivation and commitment is essential for your self improvement.

Carrot & Stick, is an idiom

Think about the metaphor for a moment, what is more important for you: the carrot or the stick?